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UI/UX design / Webflow

Client needs

Zoe Church was looking to redesign their website for something more modern and stylish to fit well with their LA aesthetic. They needed the website to have a user centered design and a Content Management System (CMS) that would allow for easy changes and access by the Zoe staff.

Brand Identity

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Brand Identity


The primary goal of the redesign was a smooth user experience for the user. We took the big blocks of information from the previous website and organized the content in sections and subsections for easy navigation. Zoe designers incorporated their own graphics into the website through the CMS, which allowed us to keep the structure clean and straightforward without any unnecessary clutter. Zoe staff will be able to change the graphics as styles and trends evolve.

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“I’ve had nothing but the best interactions and experiences working with this quick and excellent team!”

Nathan Dumlao, Media Relations