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UI/UX Design / Webflow CMS / Custom API integration

Client needs

Property Sales Group is a real estate company seeking to purchase homes for cash. The client needed a smooth and fast website experience, with great user experience and a custom-built calculator to give users an offer on the spot. Previously working with WordPress, the company faced many issues and constantly ran into problems and slow speeds.

Brand Identity

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Brand Identity


The website had previously been built on Wordpress, but was outdated and needed a partial redesign and full switch to Webflow CMS. Switching to Webflow increased loading speeds on all the pages, especially blogs and house listings. It also allowed easy editing via Webflow editor and easy upload of new reviews, articles, and pictures.

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“These guys are great! hitRefresh designed our pages the way we asked. They were very responsive and communicated back well. Price was fair for all the work that they did.”

Sergei Kucher, Chief Executive Officer