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Brand identity / UX design / Ecommerce website

Client needs

Legend Auto experienced rapid growth and was looking for a new eCommerce website and a clean brand identity. We refreshed their brand identity, incorporating the luxury of the Cadillac brand, while also creating an eCommerce website that makes their products easily accessible in an online format.

Brand Identity

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Brand Identity

With the client largely focusing on Cadillac sales, we chose to incorporate elements of the original Cadillac brand to resonate with current Cadillac owners and users. To achieve this, we created an emblem similar to that used for the Cadillac brand.


The goal of the website is to create a user-friendly experience and allow easy navigation between two types of products. The Shopify-based website allows sales of cars and parts simultaneously with ease on the inventory back-end.

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"HitRefresh is a very professional, responsible, and creative team. Our company needed some design work and the guys helped us with all our needs. Highly recommended!"

Nick Vykhopen, Chief Executive Officer