Kingdom Domain Conference

Branding, web design and visual experience for a vibrant christian event



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Flame of Fire


Branding, UI/UX, Webflow, Apparel Design, Social Media

Client needs

Flame of fire was looking to create a vibrant branding and online experience for a young people oriented conference happening in Seattle, WA. We spent time with their church's creative team to create an experience that would be easy to use in all aspects of media and print.


The website consistent of very clear and concise UX. Our goal was to capture the attention of the users right from the hero section and show the highlights of the event in an interesting way. We also made sure that all the important information was easy to find and understand.

Apparel Design

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HitRefresh was very engaging and hands on in their approach of communication towards us. They catered everything specifically to the needs of the marketing technique. Creating responsive marketing and branding material in a timely manner. As the social media marketing director for Kingdom Domain 2022 it was an ease working with the team of HitRefresh.

Mariana Sviridiuk - Social Media Manager