Kingdom Domain 2021

Designing a dynamic worship and teaching experience



Line of business

We delivered


Flame of Fire Ministry


Brand identity / Graphic design / UI/UX design / Website development

Client needs

We were tasked with establishing a long-term brand identity emphasizing simplicity, while still conveying the joyful ambiance of the conference. Working alongside the Flame of Fire team and diving deep into user research, we created an experience that fully represented the event.

Brand Identity

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Brand Identity

The Kingdom Domain branding contains only the very minimum content required. By limiting the number of graphic design elements, we created a visual language that prioritizes the message being relayed to the viewer. This approach allows for easy navigation, flexible changes in content, and effective communication via social media.


Emphasizing the brand strategy, the focus was to create a content-oriented experience with bold text and a clean storytelling layout. The client provided a large amount of content, so we had to make sure the user did not feel overwhelmed and could easily navigate through the information while simultaneously minimizing scroll time.

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“HitRefresh was very engaging and hands on in their approach of communication towards us. They catered everything specifically to the needs of the marketing technique. Creating responsive marketing and branding material in a timely manner.”

Mariana Sviridiuk, Social Media Director