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Kingdom Domain College


Brand identity / Graphic design

Client needs

Kingdom Domain College is a college seeking to equip generations to establish the Kingdom of God on Earth, called for a global platform that would help reach thousands. To achieve their vision and create a great user experience, we have built a simple and concise website with an effective branding identity.

Brand Identity

Our aim was to create a subtle and effective way to communicate the brand identity of the college without creating an overwhelming user experience. Strategically placed white space contributes to the overall professionalism, while a unique font and color combination make the college distinctly recognizable.


Attention through typography

Colleges are schools use text as one of the main ways to communicate their message on all of their platforms. In order to grab user's attention, we focused on choosing the font that will look unique, yet have consistent readability. Finding a perfectly balanced font allowed us to combine text with design elements and made it easy for a design team to create content that grabs user's attention.


“We hired HitRefresh to help brand our ministry’s Bible college, and they exceeded our expectations. They jumped into brand exploration and came up with something much better than what we had in mind. They then proceeded to fine tune and adjust every element to be usable in many different scenarios and mediums”

Aleksey Kaznacheyev, Creative Director

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