November 9, 2021

When website design needs to be simple or fancy


A guide to help better determine how your website needs to be designed to help it last a long time in the long run with fewer problems.

Website design is no longer something new. If you have a business that sells a service or product, you most likely have a website or your content is featured on a web platform. With so many websites out there it's hard to stand out.

Designers and agencies have begun to focus more and more on creating websites with unique layouts and animations hoping to display that “wow” factor to potential clients using animations, 3D art and interactive web design. But with the average business needing to refresh their website every 2-3 years, it can be a very uncomfortable and expensive process taking away attention and resources from the business.

We’re going to discuss when it is appropriate to have a fancy website, and when a simpler one is more appropriate. With both of these design directions expected to last over the measly 3 years.