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May 14, 2021

Most recent updates to the hitRefresh website


Last week we launched our fully redesigned website. While the branding and content may seem similar the way it is presented and found has been changed. These changes were made to better communicate what, when, and how about our agency.

Footer content

While the previous footer served its purpose well, we quickly discovered as our agency grew and the services we provide expanded, the user needed to be able to quickly navigate and find those pages and learn more about what they would like to know. While originally we had a lot of generalizations and statements on the footer, we quickly found that those statements needed to expand into details and pages were made to describe such things. As a result all text that was not a link was eliminated from the footer and links were added so that users can discover more on those pages.

About page

Previously the about page was named the “process” page and contained 6 paragraphs and around 10 images describing what we do in pretty words. We found this counterproductive in demonstrating a quick and effective message to the user and the scroll time was too long. To fix this we created 6 general sections of the services we provide and organized them in a grid pattern. We added further subsections to help explain the services that fall under the generalized category.

We also found many interested clients who wanted to know more about the work we have done and the fields of industry we have been involved in. We were able to showcase this by establishing 4 general industries and the brands in those industries that have hired us for branding/website projects.

Formerly the team page was very bland and only contained our photographs. We eliminated the team page and blended this page with the about page. This allows prospective clients to learn the what and how, as well as the who all in one compactly organized web page.

Projects layout

The grid we use to layout our projects was changed from 3 columns on desktop and 1 on mobile, to 4 columns per section on desktop and 2 columns on mobile. This was done in an effort to save space and reduce scroll time for the viewer.

Contact page

We now include a contact form. This was the biggest change that was needed. With an influx in new clientele which previously had no experience with our agency before, we find many businesses are reluctant to email us because they do not know where to start and what to say. A form allows us to guide the prospective client in highlighting the main details of their project and for us to take the information and contact them back with a better understanding of the services and other details we will discuss.

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