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March 9, 2021

How to start learning Webflow, and where to go from there?


Trying to learn Webflow? Go over this general "how-to get started" guide to align yourself on the path to become a Webflow designer.

Where can I start learning Webflow?

The BEST place to start becoming a webflow designer is Webflow University

No one knows the platform better than the ones who invested their time to create it.

It's my number one go-to when it comes to optimizing my Webflow skills. They have bite-size videos and have a whole crash course made of those videos. So if you are a beginner, freelance developer, digital agency or you want to keep your skills fresh, Webflow university is where it's at.

(I highly recommend you pay attention to class layouts and even watch additional videos on how to properly manage them. Having unorganized classes is like having laundry laying all over your room... I would know.)

I already learned the basics.. what's next?

Once you learn the basics of steering this massive no-code ship, it's time to open a blank canvas and get sailing. I personally recommend ALWAYS have a style guide page before you start developing a project. This will help you with organizing your:

- Classes

- Headings

- Font Weight

- Font Family

- Font Spacing

- Colors

- Literally everything

If you are not sure where to find a style guide page, there are a couple of templates available online.

Here is the one made by Webflow University.

This will save you a headache and a half when it comes to developing and organizing your website.

Once your style guide is ready, open up whatever you designed and start applying the basics you learned to bring your inanimate design to life!

How can I improve my Webflow skills to become an expert?

I like to kill two birds with one stone when it comes to becoming an expert webflow designer, what I mean by that is advancing in design while advancing in Webflow.

In order to achieve that:

1. Go on Instagram or Pinterest

2. Pick a design which you wouldn't normally design

3. Create a style guide and start developing it!

Even if it's just a landing page.. even if it's just a section, develop, develop and develop. Interactive web design, corporate identity design or just a clean web page are all great examples of something you can practice on weekly or daily bases.

One of the main reasons people don't become experts in Webflow is because they grow stiff from not exercising enough. (aka daily web development).

Commit to improving your skill on the platform as much as an athlete runner commits to running everyday.

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