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March 22, 2021

Five items to have sorted out before beginning to design


A list of 5 things best to know before beginning to design, to help alleviate problems later on, and to assist in a successful design approved by the client with ease.

Clear user flow

Given that the client has already completed user experience website studies on his audience and the necessary market research, a user flow should be present to help understand the goals of each section of the website and in the order it will be presented to the user.


Aside from a user flow, make sure you know what is expected of each section and the material being presented. There are times that the wireframe seems perfect for the scenario yet when presented with the live content the original grid structure or layout can no longer handle the volume of content or the complexity of website design. Know whether the section will be using icons, videos, images, etc. and the restrictions that come with those elements on the live responsive website.

Desired layout

Get to understand your clients style and what they are looking for. In many cases the client has some ideas of what they would like, but your clients entrust you to take it a notch further. They have seen your previous works and like it, taking the layouts that they like and blending your style with those layouts will help in establishing the clients needs as well as the opportunity to find solutions for new grids and structures within the website design that previously didn’t work.

Brand identity guidelines

All successful brands have a style and story that they are identified by. Make sure to look over the brand identity guidelines for the business you are designing a website for to keep the brand familiar to the user. The web presentation should invoke the same emotions from the user as the product or service being provided. If the client does not have a concrete brand design, then offer to create a brand identity for them or collaborate with someone who can.

The future

Be sure to ask the client very early what will happen to the website after the project is completed. Will new content be added? Will the website be managed by an individual or team? What content will consistently need to be changed and replaced depending on special events or timing? Answering these questions early on will help in designing a versatile website design which can easily be mended to the client’s current and future needs without issues.

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