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Meet our founders Alan & Vlad

We are two friends who found each other on the creative and business journey. We love being active in the community as volunteers. We love meeting new people and creating a Kingdom atmosphere wherever we go.

Alan Linush

Webflow Expert

Originally from Canada, Alan has found great interest in web development. He says "It is fascinating to see things happen on a blank canvas just by writing code." He tends to compare it to the Genesis account when God spoke into nothing, and programmed the universe. 🤔

Vlad Vee

Creative Director

Vlad is an all around creative, fascinated and obsessed with all aspects of visual design. When he is not playing his electric guitar or walking his husky, he secretly plots to redesign every known church website in the galaxy. The force is strong with this one.

Hitrefresh Collective

You know that feeling you get when someone brings your idea to life? That's how we make our clients feel! Our talented team is made up of some really amazing people who will bring any vision or concept into reality with branding, design and web development services.

Our 4D Approach


Before any hands on work, we take our time to learn about your organization and your team. Our goal is to fully understand the heart behind the brand and community.


Creating a stunning visual experience is a key to a great feel and effectiveness. We heavily focus on User Experience to make sure your users can find exactly what they are looking for.


Let's take the design and bring it to life! By using Webflow, we are able to create a fast website which will be responsive across your devices all while looking amazing on the web.


We love the "A", but arriving at "Z" is harder than it looks. Your project will not be left behind with us. Our goal is to make sure our customers are fully satisfied with the services we provide.


a.k.a Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a website design or digital marketing agency?

We are a digital agency that specialize in website design and business growth. Our main goal is to help your online presence bring clients, leads and sales. We do not just focus on websites, we go deep into understanding your business, your audience and users. We use branding, web design, Webflow development and SEO to create effective marketing and reach the goals you're looking for.

Do you guys offer CMS (content management system)?

Yes, we offer CMS via Webflow. Webflow offers a great system that allows easy custom editing, navigation and flexibility. Things like blogs, events, media catalogs and portfolios are examples of CMS. You don't need any coding knowledge to navigate Webflow CMS and add your own content, all it takes is for us to create an automated CMS collection and you will be good to go.

Why do you use Webflow? Do you use any other platforms?

We are Certified Webflow Developers and we specialize in Webflow because we have found it to be most efficient and convenient platform for custom websites. Webflow allows us to achieve high loading speed, cross-platform responsiveness and freedom of design. There is a reason why many large and small businesses have been switching to Webflow as their main platform.

We have experience in using other tools like Shopify, Squarespace and Wordpress and we have a pool of trusted developers that we work with using these platforms, however we prefer and encourage using Webflow as the main tool for most of our website builds.

Why UX (User Experience) is so important for my website?

User Experience is essential part of creating websites that work. Users need to know how to navigate and use a website or a product, and that requires user research in order to understand how people would interact with each product or design. Each industry has different goals and pain points, so identifying how to solve user's problem and create a smooth user experience will allow your website or product to truly resonate with people and bring results.

Why do you have so much non-profit and church work featured?

Our journey began within the church and non-profit community. We started off by helping our local church and ministry, so naturally we are drawn to people in the same sphere. After becoming experts in this sphere and working with well known names in the church community, we secured ourselves to be known as leaders of the industry and known for these values such as excellence, honesty and communication.

What is hitRefresh Collective?

HitRefresh Collective is a community of creatives, developers and digital marketers from different industries and spheres who came together to learn, grow and create networking opportunities. We help each other by sharing knowledge and experience as well as just having a good time.